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PCO Outsourced Cost Estimating Service  – gives you;

  • Detailed Estimates of what your purchased products should cost
  • Detailed Estimates of what your manufactured products should cost at each stage of design
  • Comparison of different design options – select the most cost effective
  • Design your new products to budget

PCO Outsourced Cost Estimating Service

  • More cost effective than in-house estimating
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Free up scarce internal costing resource
  • Ideal for project work

Product Cost Estimating System

  • Over 1000 different machine rates – by country
  • Over 1000 Material Costs
  • Overhead rates by country
  • 16 Country locations
  • Handles multiple supply sources
  • 32 Technology Estimating Modules
  • Detail Output in standard QAF format